Included on this page are an array of resources to help our families find important information and stay engaged in their child's learning.

Families and Students

Below are links to some of the most important information you’ll need as you prepare your child for a rewarding educational experience in Cincinnati Public Schools.

How we communicate:

  • School Website
  • School Newsletter
  • Schoology
  • PowerSchool
  • Student Planners (should come home daily)
  • Parent Teacher Conference
  • Phone & Email

Some of the unique features we offer our students are:

  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Boys and Girls Club After-school Program
  • Fruit and Vegetable Grant
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • Grad Cincinnati
  • Beech Acres Parent Support
  • Parent Center
  • Full Day Head Start
  • St. Alyousious Mental Health Services
  • Community Based Health Clinic
  • Art/ Music/ Library/ Technology and Physical Education
  • Three Fully-equipped Computer Labs
  • Full time Nurse
  • Girl/Boy Scouts
  • University of Cincinnati Bearcat Buddy Tutors
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning
  • Girls with Pearls
  • Men of M.O.R.E. Program
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Basketball

School Based Health Center

The School Based Health Center focuses on making sure that our children receive medical attention from a Certified Staff member from the Cincinnati Health Department. Please make sure that you take advantage of this wonderful resource.

Health Resources

Educational Resources

  • 5th and 6th Grade Character Strengths — take a word each class period and define it, give an example of it, and use an image to show you understand the meaning.
  • PowerSchool — Keep up to date with your students grades via any computer.
  • — This is a great website with loads of information about all sorts of educational issues. If you ever have any educational questions — "What activities can I do at home with my child?" "How can I get my son to do his homework?" "Does my daughter have ADHD?" — check out this site for lots of answers.
  • Clever Crazes — Clever Crazes is "is an asset for educators, parents and guardians to boost academics, build strong minds, core ethics and healthy bodies for kids and their families."
  • — This site is managed by Beech Acres, the family resource center that has a base at our school. You can find all sorts of information about parenting and solutions to family issues.
  • Talk about Math — This site gives parents easy-to-use activities that teach and engage children in math.
  • Sqworl Homepage — This site gives parents easy-to-use activities that teach and engage children in activities that students use throughout the school day.  Content of sites include: Technology, Reading, Math, Health, Science, and Social Studies. 

Project Connect

For children who are experiencing homelessness, the risk of falling behind academically is significantly greater. Project Connect helps clear barriers to education for families who are homeless. From assisting with enrollment and promoting attendance to providing in-school and summer programs, Project Connect provides guidance and support to give a leg up for children and youth who are experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Project Connect and the services it offers.

Technology Tools

Schoology (pronounced "Skoo-luh-jee") Communication Tool Now Available — is an integrated learning-management solution that gives students, parents and teachers a new and easy way to connect and communicate.

Google Apps for Education — CPS has adopted Google Apps for Education as a key tool for student learning. Google Apps for Education is a web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use. All Google Apps services can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Putting our Technology Tools to Work

Our world is driven by technology. Digital devices and software add a dynamic element that keeps students interested and provide access to tools that prepare them for the future.