Yellow Bus: Find Your Bus Route, Track Expected Arrival Time

August 4, 2021

The Transportation Department is continuing to offer easy-to-use apps to help you find your child's bus route information or track the expected arrival time to the bus stop. These tools will provide all the information you need at your fingertips. If you have yet to explore these apps, the enclosed information will get you on your way!


PowerSchool is a web-based application that provides the assigned route, bus stop, pick up and drop off times for your child or children. After logging into the PowerSchool website, simply click on the "Bus Info" link on the left-hand side. Please take the time to review the enclosed PowerSchool information which provides instructions on how to create an account, add your children, and view all of the transportation information. Should updates be made to your child's normal bus schedule during the school year, you can find the latest information on this site.

NOTE: Transportation information will only appear on the web version of PowerSchool, not on the mobile app.


MyStop is a mobile phone application that tracks real-time information on the estimated time of arrival of your child’s assigned school bus. The application does not provide identifying information about your child to a third party, nor does it show the current exact location of the bus for security and safety reasons. It does, however, give you the ability to receive updates and know when your child's bus will arrive at the designated stop on any day that school is in session. The MyStop app is free in the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

Should you need any assistance in using either PowerSchool or MyStop, contact us at (513) 363-RIDE (7433) and we would be happy to assist!

Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation PowerSchool and MyStop Instructions